Application Process and Eligilbilty

Applying for an LGSA Scholarship

The Lake George High School Guidance Office provides an application to Lake George seniors who wish to apply for the Lake George Scholarship Association (LGSA) Awards. The scholarships take into consideration things such as: grade point average (GPA), class rank, community and school involvement, and the student’s character. The awards also have various requirements and eligibility criteria since the application is host for a variety of awards. Some awards are focused on interest in major or community involvement and not necessarily GPA. In order to be eligible to win an LGSA scholarship, the student must have an 88% overall GPA.

The comprehensive application has a description of each award, including the requirements. Each year, every senior is given a copy of the scholarship application during a class meeting at the end of March or early April. Once the application becomes available, the Guidance Office also posts the application on the LG website for download and has copies available in office. Students need to complete all application questions, hand in the application by the due date, and keep in mind that neatness counts.

Please include a letter of recommendation with your application.